We first worked with Barbara in 2006. We had just moved to Nashville and needed interior design help. A friend spoke highly of Barbara, recommending her for her ability to work well with a variety of household styles: from modern to traditional. Barbara helped us decide which furniture should stay and which pieces didn’t belong. She kept a few accent tables, but we ended up buying several new pieces and a beautiful rug for our family room.

A decade later, we were seriously considering building an addition onto our 5,400 square foot home when we consulted Barbara for the project. She appealed to our senses and asked the right questions: Why an addition vs a renovation? How do we currently use our rooms? What do we like and don’t like about our home’s layout? Barbara encouraged us to repurpose the living spaces not being used. Instead of building an addition for a new office and gym, we decided to convert the formal living room into an office and an extra bedroom into a gym. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. The renovation list was extensive beyond just those room conversions: all new kitchen and wet bar; new half bath and a redecorated one; all new master bath and bedroom; redecorating the formal dining room and entry way; and exterior deferred maintenance repairs.

Barbara was with us every step of the way, guiding through every design decision. Her selections were nearly always approved without pushback. And on those rare occasions when we asked to see other options, Barbara acquiesced in the most professional manner. If she felt strongly about a particular selection, she would diplomatically work on changing our minds. Now that the house is complete, I can honestly say she was right on in every way!

In addition to Barbara’s professionalism and impeccable taste, she has an incredible work ethic. The supervisor for our general contractor formed such a strong bond working with Barbara that we called them the “dream team.” They developed a deep respect and admiration for each other, which helped immensely in meeting deadlines throughout the renovations.

We are thrilled with the work Barbara did for us. Her selections are timeless and in keeping with the style of our home. She repurposed some of our fixtures and procured new pieces for us that are absolutely perfect. From paint colors to flooring to marble slab selections (and everything in between), we could not be more pleased with the outcome."

Jeff and Lynne Warne
Nashville, TN

"I found Barbara Rushton when I was asked to list an incredibly stylish home. The design was current and on trend, yet classic enough to stand the test of time. Fortunately, my seller was kind enough to share the name of her designer. Barbara has since helped me with both my home and with an investment property. In our historic Tudor she effortlessly upgraded the look, tastefully blending the old with the new. In our new construction investment property she guided me through what could have been a very challenging selection process. From faucets and lighting to tile and wood stain, she kept me on point and within budget. I'm so grateful for Barbara as a professional who has become my friend."

Dana Battaglia, Nashville Realtor
Christianson Patterson Courtney

"Rather uniquely.  Barbara Rushton has the qualities of great creativity as well as the pragmatism so important in coordinating complex projects and their financial parameters.  She is a world-class designer and adapts easily to the diverse requirements of both residential and commercial projects.  I have worked most successfully with her on both.  Her projects have always been clearly defined, beautifully resolved and considerate of the financial prerequisites.

I also compliment Barbara by saying that she doesn’t have a narrow and specific design style.  Her starting point is always based on the requirements and the aspirations of her client.  To do this, she brings together those most important elements of good design: continuity, balance and creativity.

I have long been thanked by family, friends and business associates for my recommending Barbara for design projects, large and small.  She always makes me look good to them!

Would I call Barbara for my next design project?  In a heartbeat!"

Paul Harmon
Brentwood, TN

Barbara Rushton and Dimensional Spaces worked closely with the owner/developer on the design, construction and the interiors of Holton & Mayberry’s new 10,000 square foot law office building in Green Hills.

“Barbara advised me on everything from hanging pictures to building designs and interiors.  She will take on most any project where her views can affect the visual outcome.  She can devise quick solutions.  Yet if necessary, she will ponder a particular problem for days before arriving at an idea that meets her standards and her perception of yours.

I couldn’t be more pleased.  Barbara has strong opinions but the outcome reflects your taste  -  she just improves on it.  I never hesitate when recommending Barbara to a friend or client.  And my opinion does not need to be qualified!”

Rick Holton
Holton & Mayberry
Nashville, TN

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help with the Holton Blackstone + Mayberry law office building project.  I have worked with a lot of designers and you understood timelines and construction schedules better than anyone I have worked with in the past. Thank you for all your hard work.  It made my job easier and more pleasurable.”

Jason Clark
Phillips Builders
Nashville, TN

"My husband and I have been thrilled to have Barbara as a partner in projects which have spanned the last twenty-five years.  Her insight has brought delight at the completion of each project.  She has always listened and given top priority to our opinions.

The longest and most intense project was the planning and construction of our newest home.   Barbara assisted and guided us in the interior design of each room and was an extremely important resource concerning most aspects of construction.  Her knowledge and trusted opinions helped us with decisions that resulted in a home that we both love and find joy in daily. 

We have and will continue to recommend Barbara to all of our friends who are looking for that special person who will make their project a priority."

Dianne and John May
Nashville, TN

"I am a custom cabinet designer/manufacturer and have worked with Barbara on numerous projects.  Her attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of her clients is evident with every project.  I have recommended Barbara to every client who has inquired about a designer referral and do so with the complete reliance that her services will be of the highest quality.

While extremely knowledgeable and talented, Barbara also possesses the ability to see beyond the current environment and help a client envision the finished product.  She is constantly challenging those who work with her, but in doing so, each project develops its own unique character.

Barbara’s willingness to be honest in her opinions is one of her most enduring traits.  In a business environment where many designers tend to follow the middle road in order to simply appease a client, Barbara will always offer an open and candid opinion when asked; however, she has always been mindful of her client’s own ideas and knows that any project is often a representation of the client themselves.

I have worked with numerous designers over the years and I am most proud of the professional relationship and friendship that I have with Barbara Rushton ... she is a true master and outstanding at what she does."

Jeff Hayden
Cabinetry Design/Sales
Barber Cabinet Co.
Nashville, TN

"Barbara has left her indelible mark on every space where I want to be – in my office and throughout my home.

Our offices, with floor to ceiling windows on the 28th floor of the Renaissance Hotel, provide a stunning view of downtown Nashville. We chose Barbara to create an interior equally engaging.

When you work with Barbara Rushton you can be certain of a few things. First, she doesn’t “decorate.” Second, she never imposes her plan on your space. And third, she respects your time as though it were her own.

Barbara’s sophistication – in art, design, color – is evident in everything she does."

Katy Varney
McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations, LLC
Nashville, TN

"Barbara has helped me for 11 years with 4 houses (including one Florida vacation residence) that all became beautiful homes.  Each has been unique in its design and layout with a foundation of beautiful oriental and contemporary rugs; pieces that are versatile and complimentary, they continue to surprise and please me when I see how they translate and transcend each home.

But it's more than that - Barbara has a gift.  She takes the time to understand you, your tastes, your budget and how you want your home to look and feel.  The end result is a wonderful expression of what you hoped for and dreamed of - not the signature of a particular decorator.

Barbara is both a visionary and a pragmatist.  Honest and fair, she has exquisite taste that honors your wishes and she wants your home to be the best.  I am lucky to have worked with her and honored to call her my friend.”

Beth Mooney
Chairman & CEO
Cleveland, OH

“Barbara provided that indescribable element that turned our new house into our home.   Her vision and discriminating taste worked magic to make the space both elegant and comfortable.  She worked with us tirelessly to select the finishes, fabrics, furnishings and layout that ultimately brought the space together.

She has a talent for envisioning how disparate elements will work together to form a distinct look and feel.  As a result, the space she helped us create is a perfect fit for our lifestyle.  We enjoy entertaining in our home and the space Barbara helped us create is perfect for small or large groups.

Barbara was recommended to us by a friend with impeccable taste whose home was beautifully decorated by Barbara.  We would definitely recommend Barbara and Dimensional Spaces to our friends and acquaintances.”

Don Bullock & Cathy Kilbane
Cleveland, OH

“We continue to enjoy our lake house, and each time we are there, I am reminded how much you contributed not only to the success of that project but to the fact that I wouldn't change a thing!”

Mary Ann Harris
Nashville, TN

“When new to Nashville and looking for a designer, I asked an acquaintance for recommendations.  I’ll never forget their response, “Get Barbara Rushton - she’ll make you the best you that you can be!”  In 10 years of working with Barbara I have found this to be so!

Barbara was my guide for my Nashville home and assisted me with placement of existing furniture as well as the purchase of additional items to make my home the warm and welcoming place that it is.  She also designed a vacation home for me that has become my haven.  She has been particularly instrumental in incorporating treasured sentimental items and seamlessly integrating them into the whole.

Despite my spaces being elegant they are never stuffy or “hands-off”.  Many visitors comment on how livable the spaces are.  The best compliment that I can extend to Barbara is that she has helped me to create, not just a house, but a home!”

Barbara Lingo
Nashville, TN

“When people come into our home, they pay Barbara the greatest compliment I can imagine an interior designer receiving: they say our home looks just like us!  That's because Barbara knows how to make our home reflect what's most important to our family: warmth, hospitality and fun!

We love beautiful things, but not more than we love our friends and family. That is what Barbara understands best.  She knows how to make our home both beautiful and inviting, a joyful place.  And Barbara goes to great lengths to make sure everyone is satisfied: she even found a beautiful oriental rug with a dog motif for our den because she knew our dogs Harry and Charlie would love it.  And they do!

We cannot recommend Barbara more highly. Her keen eye for design coupled with her sensibility, humor, and warmth make her the perfect interior designer.  Barbara is the best!”

LaVoe and Tom Mulgrew
Nashville, TN

“Over thirty years ago Barbara Rushton was the designer assigned to us when we walked into her previous employer’s showroom.  Since that time, Barbara has redesigned every room in our house.

Whether we are making a small change or doing a major renovation, we call Barbara and she always makes herself available to help us.  The amazing thing about her is that she knows what will work for us and what we will like when we don’t know what direction to take.  She is able to use her skill and expertise to create a space that is both beautiful and comfortable and fits our particular taste.

Her personal interest shows in every job no matter how large or small.  And she communicates well and goes out of her way to see that the completed project is one we
will be pleased with for years to come.  We highly recommend Barbara Rushton.”

Nancy Webb
Nashville, TN

"Thank you for the opportunity to share about the love we have for Barbara Rushton!  We first met her about eight years ago as we began plans for our home.  Barbara helped with everything from the floor plan and exterior, cabinetry, and flooring to lighting and media design.  She also helped in choosing furniture and was here to place it all on moving day! Barbara is such a professional, which makes working with her a joy. She took the time to really know us so she could make our home a real reflection of who we are.

With two young children, it was not only important to us to create a beautiful atmosphere, but one that was comfortable and relaxing as well.  Barbara helped achieve this perfectly!  We could not be happier! Her ideas added such character, ours is now a home where children can go into any room, and friends feel like they can prop their feet up.  When people visit, we always have compliments on the unique beauty of our home and the cozy feel it offers, and that is exactly what we were hoping to achieve.  This is all a testament to Barbara and her gift of design.

We appreciate so much about Barbara's work, but one thing that is evident to me is her ability to create spaces unique to her clients. In our small town, several families have had the privilege of working with her. Upon entering any of these homes, Barbara's touch is evident; however none of the homes are similar. This is something many designers are unable to do, and as a result, all their projects end up looking alike. Barbara takes the time to get to know all of her clients, and she builds the design from there. This is a talent that provides each client a beautiful home, unlike any other. 

And, after the project is finished, you have a lifelong friend!  Barbara's gift is special. If someone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with her, they should grab it!"

Maurie Ann and Robb Mitchell
Paris, TN

"My professional relationship with Barbara has extended over four houses.  In each one she has created a castle that I have been delighted to call my home.  Now, I am to the point where I do not even crave vacations any more.  I am quite content to enjoy the home Barbara helped create. 

She has always been able to find time for me in her busy work schedule.  I can't say we  would always agree on decorating fine points, but I do know, whenever I did something  on my own, 9 times out of 10, I would go back at a later time, realizing the error of my ways, and redo it to her specifications!

Barbara is also an expert with new construction.  My latest venture was to have a new home built and she was with me throughout the entire process.  She made critical decisions that I had no background knowledge of and supervised nearly every vital part of our homebuilding.  She worked closely with all the personnel and craftsmen involved in building our home.  I trust her judgment completely in all areas of design.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation of Barbara's talents.  It must be frustrating for her to put heart and soul into a project and not be able to live in it.  Instead, she can bask in the satisfaction it brings to her customers as they enjoy the home she created!"

Katherine McCrea
Nashville, TN           

"Barbara assisted us throughout the construction and design process of our new home.   She helped us review room sizes during the architectural drafting process and make modifications throughout.  She assisted in locating light fixtures, switches and electrical outlets, paint colors, trim colors and wall coverings.  Then she began helping us select furnishings while taking into account our existing furniture.  We couldn't have done it without her.

We love our home, some of her recommendations in drafting the plans made a big difference in our ability to fit furnishings.  The home is beautiful inside and out and visitors are very complimentary of the decorating.

We most appreciate Barbara’s ability to understand our existing style.  By simply taking our color suggestions, she was able to pull together wall colors, light fixtures, carpets/rugs, window treatments and furniture and fabric selections.  She has a unique ability to make each room stand on its own individually but at the same time creating a beautiful “flow” from room to room.  Barbara can easily work with you as an individual.  She quickly gains an understanding of your lifestyle and your decorating philosophy and works with you to accomplish your goals.  Unlike some designers, Barbara is very flexible.

We have recommended Barbara to others, and will continue to do so.  We have often mentioned to friends who are considering moving, or redecorating that our designer was Barbara Rushton."

Irving Lingo and Karin Demler
Nashville, TN

"Barbara Rushton has helped us design and outfit three different houses.  We keep coming back to her because we always love what we end up with.  She has an uncanny way of knowing what fits with our personalities and living style.  We always end up with a warm, comfortable and functional environment.

We recommend Barbara to all we can.  Everything she has facilitated with us results in multiple compliments about the décor being so warm and friendly, tasteful and current."

Don and Cathy Joiner
Gallatin, TN

"After twenty years and three different homes, Barbara’s capabilities continue to amaze.  Her design skills create an understated elegance and feel in a home.  When guests leave, they comment on how much they loved the feel and warmth of our home and not a particular object or space."

Ken and Linda Moore
Franklin, TN

"Barbara Rushton has helped me with the complete renovation of my Lion’s Head 1,000 square foot condominium, and is currently helping me with the extensive renovation of my 3,600 square foot home at 136 Postwood Place

I appreciate Barbara’s ability to recommend decisions based on me, my style of living and my wants and desires.  Barbara has her preferences and readily makes them known, but in a way that I find very reassuring.  I rely on her extensive knowledge and sound advice.  We joke that “I am the decider”, but I always look to her for guidance. 

She brings a breadth of experience from her work with other clients that, in turn, benefits me.  I have been very pleased with the work that we have done together, and I am excited about my new home.  I highly recommend Barbara Rushton to anyone who is considering a new home project, or the renovation of an existing space."

Chuck Dunn
Nashville, TN

“Barbara Ruston is truly one of Nashville's most inspired and innovative designers.  Our project was far more extensive than just re-decorating our home.  We added a new master suite with a tray ceiling, a fireplace, extensive mouldings and a master bath.  The complete kitchen remodel included a central work island, granite and tile countertops and backsplash, flooring, wall removal, plus updated lighting throughout our 4,300 square foot home.

With her many product sources and years of experience, she was able to offer me the finest selection of antiques, furniture, lighting, wallpaper, accessories, unparalleled window treatments and Oriental rug selections.

Barbara was the one to do it all!  Her attention to detail is incredible and her taste impeccable!  I would not change one thing!  Where in many cases a complete home makeover can be a nightmare, with Barbara it was exciting and delightful.  I could not be more pleased and in the process we went from designer/client to friends!  Who can ask for more than that?”

Lyn Berry
Nashville, TN